Technical Assistance Projects (Forthcoming)

We are constantly looking for experienced international consultants to include in our projects. If you are interested in taking part in any of the projects listed below in collaboration with the IPS Institute, please contact us. Information received will be treated as strictly confidential and used only for the purposes of your possible inclusion in projects of your interest.

The next forthcoming projects are of a special interest:

– ARMENIA – “Contract title: Establishment of one stop shop solution for public administration of Armenia with a pilot implementation at the border crossing (EuropeAid/138383/DH/AM);

– BOTSWANA – “Technical Assistance to Support Public Sector Reform and Coordination” (EuropeAid/136580/IH/SER/BW);

– MACEDONIA – “PAR – Assistance to the Ministry of Information Society and Administration in modernisation of the public administration” (EuropeAid/138292/IH/SER/MK);

– MOLDOVA – “Strengthening of the policy development process in the context of the implementation of the Association Agreement Republic of Moldova” (EuropeAid/138291/DH/SER/MD);

– SERBIA – “Support to Public Administration Reform under the PAR Sector Reform Contract” (EuropeAid/137928/DH/SER/RS);

– SERBIA – “Support to Public Administration Reform visibility and communication under the PAR Sector Reform Contract” (EuropeAid/138101/DH/SER/RS);

– SERBIA – “Support to Participation in EU Programmes” (EuropeAid/138040/IH/SER/RS);

– SERBIA – “Support to the Ministry of Finance under the PAR Sector Reform Contract” (EuropeAid/138052/DH/SER/RS);