IPS Institute is able to mobilize a number of Slovene and other top-level experts and professionals who posses extensive expertise and experiences gained during Slovene pre-accession period and elsewhere Europe-wide. There are two groups of such experts that can be mobilized through IPS Institute :

  • a core group of top-level Public Administration experts, and
  • a long list of experts in different professional fields.

IPS Institute has direct links with public institutions and knowledge centers in Slovenia, Western European Countries, Eastern European Countries, and in the Balkan Countries. Its ties with the political circles and civil servants on all levels are as excellent as links with an Academic Research Sphere and Individual Experts.

Having being pillars of Slovene accession to the European Union, the pool of experts working with the institute consists of the most remarkable individuals. In addition, IPS Institute established long-lasting relations with many important institutions and experts from Western and Eastern European Countries. Likewise, IPS Institute has excellent professional relations with many prominent institutions and individual experts from the Countries of South-Eastern Europe. The Institute is able to inter-connect them and offer a dynamic collaboration which is able to solve even the most complex problems.

If you consider yourself as interested in to take part in projects in collaboration with the IPS Institute, please fill in the enclosed form and send it to Information received will be treated as strictly confidential and used only for the purposes of your possible inclusion in projects of your interest.

Please note that the usual demands of Financing Authorities i.e. donor organizations for the inclusion of Experts in such TA projects are the following:

  • a University or at least Higher Education (College) Diploma
  • at least 2 years of Professional Experiences
  • an excellent knowledge of a Foreign Languages (mainly English)

We do encourage you to send your CV , and we will try to find an appropriate assignment for you.