Slovenia after successfully concluded pre-accession negotiations, has become a full-fledged Member State of the European Union with effect from May 1st 2004, despite the fact that only a decade ago we were an integral part of SFR Yugoslavia. After opting for independence, with enormous efforts, Slovenia has succeeded in adopting European standards and legal instruments in all relevant fields, including Public Administration. In the light of the ongoing social, political, economic and many other kinds of transformations that characterize our century, Public Administration has the mission to create conditions to elevate standards of living for the citizens, businesses, and other parts of the society to live better in this contemporarily dynamic, and ever-changing world of globalization. In order to fulfil this role, Public Administration should in particular be able to adapt and appropriately respond to new demands and challenges.

In such circumstances IPS Institute is the partner capable of acting as an advisor and facilitator with the capacity to assist clients in finding and implementing the best suitable solutions. Such assistance is directed in the first place towards proper training of civil servants, adaptation of legal systems, as well as institution building and development. This refers particularly to the countries of South-Eastern Europe, which will have to stabilise domestic situation and later on negotiate their accession to the European Union and other Euro-Atlantic institutional structures. Our experts, on top of having fresh experiences with the Slovene pre-accession process, fully understand the legal systems and administrative backgrounds of the countries in this region, this being true especially for the Balkan Countries. Even more so, we understand the culture of the people living in this region and we can communicate with them in their own languages. In this way we are able to gain their trust, respect and active involvement. This is why our assistance will become indispensable in Technical Assistance Projects which will have to be executed in this region during the coming years.

IPS Institute is a specialized institute active in the field of Public Administration. Our objective is to enable exchange of cutting edge knowledge and accumulated experiences – in all possible directions and forms. We are capable of assisting the Countries of the Region – together with our partners – to start moving from the side of poverty and enormous social tensions to the developed and prosperous side of Europe. Being aware of our present position, as well as of our historical and cultural ties with the Balkans and other countries of the region, we are keen to see ourselves as a bridge that can support them in starting the moving towards desired stability and prosperity.

We at IPS Institute are dedicated to the Public Administration best values and practices. Our expertise, experiences and skills, as well as the practically proven methods and results of work, provide Governments and other decision-makers with means to enhance efficiency of their organisations and to better assess the true impact of their policies. Thus, we offer our full expertise and active commitment to reach the objectives, which are always first agreed upon with our clients and beneficiaries .

Dr. Slobodan Dujić