Public Administration Legislation Development & Implementation Projects

Development of Public Administration Reform Strategie

Experts working with IPS Institute have extensive experience and expertise in preparing and implementing Public Administration Reform Strategies aimed at making diagnoses, proposing right solutions, and implementing them together with our stakeholders – Governments of the countries involved in the Public Administration Restructuring Processes. Experts working with the IPS Institute have already prepared and implemented successful PA Reform Strategies e.g. in Slovenia and Montenegro.

Constitutional and Electoral Legislation Development and Revision

IPS Institute is ready to support clients in preparing and implementing constitutional and electoral legislation, as well as other legal instruments in all relevant fields of Constitutional Law – according to the best standards recommended by the most important international institutions such as UN, OSCE, Council of Europe, etc.

Administrative Law Drafting and Implementation (e.g. Legislation on State Administration, Civil Service Legislation, Civil Service Payment Systems, Inspection Supervision, etc.)

In this area, IPS Institute possesses the most specialized expertise and long-lasting experiences in preparing and implementing legislation according to the standards that are recognized within the so-called “European Administrative Space” (principles of European Administrative Law and Practice).

Administrative Procedures Development and Implementation

Administrative Procedure has a prominent history in the region of former Yugoslavia. General Administrative Procedure Act has been adopted more than 70 years ago. Here IPS Institute has an excellent overview and expertise not only concerning the development and implementation of relevant legislation, but also regarding the administrative and judicial practices i.e. potential enforcement of law.

Promotion of the Best Practices in Public Administration

Experiences show that a legislative i.e. normative approach is important, but not sufficient. Efficient implementation of the best practices in the field of Public Administration is at least as important as development of quality legislation. IPS Institute can offer an excellent benchmarking support in this area.

Development of a Public Administration Judicial Review System

Judicial review of Public Administration is an important element of a democratic legal order. Development of such a system is a precondition for proper functioning of Public Administration. IPS Institute’s expertise in this area is prominent, and we can assist the Governments of the region in developing and implementing the most suitable solutions which are in line with the European Standards of Administrative Law and Practice.

Local Self-Government Development and Implementation Projects

Experts working with IPS Institute have substantive expertise and experience in the field of Local Self-government legislation development and practical implementation as well. Here, support to the Local Self-governing authorities is offered. Selected best practices and solutions will always be in line with the most important European standards in this field (e.g. with the European Charter of Local Self Government).

Public Services Legislation Development and Implementation (e.g. Law on Public Companies, Law on Concessions, etc.)

IPS Institute’s expertise in this field is as important as expertise and experiences
in the fields of State Administration or Local Self-government. This has been accumulated by our experts in Slovenia and Europe-wide during past years of rapid development in this field (Public Services).

Civil Service Training and Development

As a part of a solution implementation process, IPS Institute is able to mobilize large team of top-level experts to prepare related secondary legislation and administrative proceedings, as well as to act as trainers and consultants in all the above mentioned fields of expertise. Concerning the Balkan Countries’ needs, selected experts have an important advantage in comparison with other consultancy firms: they are able to deliver expertise in locally spoken languages, being aware of history, legal background, and culture of people living in these countries.