IPS Institute is an independent institute carrying out Research, Technical Assistance Projects and Training in the field of Public Administration and European Integration. The operation of institute aims to provide a variety of services to interested Governments and other potential stakeholders. In this respect, the fact is that the Balkan Countries represent an emerging region where IPS Institute will be able to fulfil its mission and vision in the best possible way.

IPS Institute was established as a Private Non-Profit Institute under Slovenian Law, with legal seat in Ljubljana. The institute has started its operations recently, but consultants working with the Institute were for many decades moving forces and members of the Slovenian Academia and Senior Civil Service. The same refers to the consultants from other regions of Europe.

Being a link with Slovenian and European “Administrative Space”, IPS Institute acts as one of the driving forces behind an impressive growth and development in Slovenia during recent years. Institute functioning has been planned in a rather ‘virtual’ form, meaning that the intention is to keep the institutional structure flexible and demand-driven. This concept goes hand in hand with the fact that we can constantly draw from Slovenian and Europe-wide top level expertise and best practices. In such a way we are able to transfer accumulated expertise, experiences and practical skills in the field of Public Administration, Administrative Law, and European Integration Processes to all interested clients and beneficiaries. Rather than relying on heavy institutional structures, we are ready to make possible flexible and rapid reactions to ever more complex problems of the contemporary Public Administration. This is exactly the logic behind IPS Institute’s operation: rather than trying to “cover everything”, we will connect Slovenian and West European expertise and experience with demands and needs of South-East European (especially the Balkan) Countries. For this end, IPS Institute is ideally placed and ready to make intended changes happen.

IPS Institute has an advantage of having a direct access to public institutions and knowledge centers in Slovenia, Western European Countries, and not least important, in the South-Eastern European Countries. Institute’s ties with the political circles and civil servants on all levels are as excellent as links with Academia, Research Centers and Individual Experts. Therefore, Institute can effectively assist potential clients and beneficiaries directly, or, instead of being directly involved, just find appropriate suppliers of services and in such a way enable the so-called twinning arrangements and professional links between clients and suppliers to be set up.