Functional Restructuring and Institution Building Projects

Public Administration Restructuring Projects

An important part of IPS Institute expertise is an execution of PA restructuring projects with the use of different methodologies and implementation mechanisms. Among them, the most popular tools developed in past years are e.g. Regulatory Impact Analysis, Functional Analysis, Quality Performance Management and Measurement Techniques, introduction of different Quality Models and Standards (such as ISO standards, C.A.F.), etc. The Institute is able to assist clients to select, adjust, develop, and implement their PA Restructuring Projects in using the most appropriate tools to this end.

Training Institutions Building and Development

Some of experts working with IPS Institute are university professors and former managers of National Training Institutions. Due to this fact, they are able to assist stakeholders to choose a model, develop an institution i.e. agency, and train the staff in order to effectively perform their tasks. IPS Institute is able to assist such an institution to execute TNA (Training Needs Assessment), develop an appropriate training program and to appropriately evaluate performance of the developed program.

Organization of large International, National and Local Professional Conferences

IPS Institute is able to organize seminars, workshops, round tables, as well as large national and international conferences in the field of Public Administration or any other field related. Experts working with IPS Institute are highly experienced professionals being able to prepare and deliver such events according to the highest standards in this field.


As a part of the process of proposed solutions implementation, IPS Institute is able to mobilise an experienced team of top-level experts to act as trainers in all the above mentioned fields of expertise.