European Integration and EU Projects Management

European Integration Projects and Harmonization of Legislation

Experts working with IPS Institute have been deeply involved in the pre-accession negotiation process between the European Union and Slovenia. Harmonization of Slovene legislation with the EU regulations and directives was one of the most challenging exercises during the pre-accession process. Since numerous┬ácountries of the South-Eastern Europe aspire to become the Member States of the European Union, IPS Institute is able and willing to support them in assessing their legislation vis-a-vis “Acquis Communautiare” as well as to assist them in putting their national legislation in line with the EU regulations, directives, and other legal instruments. Here, experts working with IPS Institute are able to assist the beneficiaries in pre-accession negotiations, functioning of the EU Committees, transposition of the EU legislation into national legal system, etc.

Institution Building

During Slovene pre-accession process there was the need to set up and develop many administrative institutions responsible for the implementation of European Union legislation and procedures. Besides, experts working with IPS Institute have been involved in many other Institution Building projects all over Europe. Thus, they are able to assist clients – Governments of the region – in building up such institutions and offer them a consultancy aimed at an appropriate professional development.

Management of Large European Projects (Technical Support to projects eligible for European financing)

IPS Institute has been involved in management of small, medium and also large European Union financed projects. Implementation of such projects has always been very efficient and effective. The Institute is able to mobilize experts capable of accomplishment of such projects, or to give support to accomplish only the most complex parts of such projects.


As a part of a process of proposed solutions implementation, IPS Institute is able to mobilize a team of top-level experts to act as trainers and consultants in all the above mentioned fields of expertise.